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Types of Housing Covered by the Fair Housing Act The Fair Housing Act of 1968 covers "dwellings," which are structures designed or occupied as residences or land offered for sale where a residence will be built. A "dwelling" is broadly defined and can include a homeless shelter or a summer home. Both public and private housing is covered by the Fair Housing Act, with some limited exceptions. Housing that is legitimately designed for older persons can exclude families with children. Religious organizations and private clubs may restrict non-commercial housing to their members so long as they don't discriminate on the basis of race. Here are some examples of housing that is covered: Single-family homes owned by private persons when a real estate broker and/or discriminatory advertising is used to rent or sell the home; Single-family homes not owned by private persons (such as corporations or partnerships), even if a broker is not used to rent or sell the home; Owner occupied multi-family buildings when a real estate broker and/or discriminatory advertising is used to rent or sell the home; Multi-family buildings with four or fewer units, if the owner does not live in one of the units; Multi-family buildings with five or more units, including rooming houses.

Fair Housing is not an option. It’s the law.

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WHAT IS Fair Housing? Fair Housing is a legal right that applies to most types of housing and protects certain classes of individuals from discrimination in the sale and rental of housing, real estate brokerage, and lending and other housing related services. Fair Housing rights and protections are provided under the United States Fair Housing Act of 1968, other applicable Federal laws, Executive Orders and regulations, and comparable state laws like the South Carolina Fair Housing Act. Enforcement is provided by the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development and the US Department of Justice, and in South Carolina by the state Human Affairs Commission.
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